Calling all 4th and 5th graders...

Get ready for an amazing weekend as we travel to SuperStart in Naperville, Il!
This will be one of the greatest weekends of your life (ask anyone who has gone before).
We will leave the church on Friday at 4pm and will return on Saturday around 5:00pm.
Total cost is $100 and includes all your food, hotel, tickets, and transportation. 
Hurry and sign up, space is limited and fills up quickly!

For the Parents

You probably have tons of questions about this weekend. We are here to answer them.

What is Superstart?

Throughout the event preteens will encounter Christ through worship, interactive teaching and small groups – all of which are designed with their unique needs and maturity in mind. Preteens who attend SuperStart will leave the weekend with not only a great experience, but also the teachings and foundation to further amplify Christ’s call on their lives to become Kingdom workers.

The demand for preteen-specific ministry has continued to increase within America's churches over the past decade. Many of today's church leaders realize the importance of a purposeful discipleship tactic for young people in fourth through sixth grades. These preteens need more time, space and resources. They need teaching that is specific to their age group - not too young (or "boring," as they would say it) and not too old. CIY's SuperStart exists to help fill the void for this age group, and to come alongside the church in a fun, inventive way to reach students that are often overlooked.

Why 4th-5th graders?

We believe that preteens are one of the most unique age groups that we can minister to.

They're at an age where they're starting to take hold of core ideas for the first times in their lives - they're owning their own beliefs. They're moving away from the blanket acceptance of adult moral judgment to the development of their own personal values.

It’s natural for them to begin asking questions like: “What am I good at?” and “Where do I fit in?” Too often by lumping them in with children's or youth ministries those questions go unanswered.


It is our hope that SuperStart provides a great tool for your preteen ministries in continuing to amplify the call in their lives to become Kingdom workers.

What is the cost?

The total cost is $100 per student. The price includes everything the kids will need (tickets, all food, hotel, and transportation). During our “free time” we will be hanging out at a mall. If the kids want to being extra money they can, however most do not.

We do not want the cost of the event to be a hindrance for those going. We believe this event to be very important in the development of your student. We have a few scholarships available. Email Steve ( for more information.

Payment is due April 1st.

Where is this event located?

This year’s event is being hosted at CCC Yellow Box Church in Naperville, Il. We will be staying the night at a local hotel (with a pool!). Boys and girls will be separated in their own rooms with trained and background checked adults.

What will they be doing?

        4:00 pm - Leave Church (stop for dinner on the way)

        6:00 pm - Check-In Opens

        7:00 pm - Amp-Up!

        7:00 pm - Adult Leaders meeting

        7:30 pm - Main Session Begins

        10:00 pm - Dismiss for Night


        8:00 am - Amp-Up!

        8:30 am - Main Session Begins

        10:00 am - Dismiss for Free Time (Mall/Lunch)

        1:30 pm - Main Session Begins

        3:00 pm - SuperStart! Dismisses

        5:00 pm - Home (stop for snacks on the way home)

What should they bring?

Clothes, Swimsuit, and extra money (if they want to buy stuff at the event).