The Transition

Jeff and Tina Robinson

On June 3rd, after 18 years of service, Jeff and Tina will be transitioning away from Lincolnway Christian Church. We have put this page together as a resource for you during this transition. On this page you can listen to the interview Jeff and Steve did. You can also read some FAQ's. At the bottom of the page, you can submit any questions you might have. As this process plays out, more information will be posted here.

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Who will lead the church?
Lincolnway is an elder-led and staff-run church.  The elders will continue to lead the church prayerfully with God's guidance.


Who will lead the Staff?
Steve Baker will lead the staff during the interim.


Who will preach Sunday Mornings?
Steve and Nick will set the preaching calendar. Steve will do a majority of the speaking.


Will Steve still lead Next-Gen?
Yes, at a higher level.  He will continue to drive Next-Gen vision and meet with ministry managers monthly. Volunteer Ministry Managers will be set-up in each area to oversee responsibilities and lead volunteers in each area.  These areas are Nursery, Preschool, Kids City, 45, Six78, and High School.


Steve is picking up added responsibility, how is he being offloaded?
●    Next-Gen Ministry Managers created in each area
●    Friday Night Lights will change to Faith and Fitness and be led by Paul Pardo.  
●    Marketing and Social/Web will be transitioned.
●    Greg will take over foyer screen and announcement slides.
●    Some admin responsibilities will be picked up by Karen.


Who will handle Pastoral Duties?
Nick Ahrens, Mike Wohlert, elders and staff will handle care and hospital visits.


Who will lead Discover Lincolnway classes?
Sherry Burnam


How will we find our next great lead pastor?
A succession plan was already in place for various circumstances.  This succession plan calls for a search committee to be formed to lead this search process.  


Who is on the Search Committee? 
The search committee will comprise of some elders and some congregation members. with input from the staff and congregation. 


What will the Search Committee do? 
The search committee will hire a church staffing and consulting group to come alongside them and assist in the search and hiring process.  The search committee will define the job description and qualifications with input from the staff and congregation.  Throughout the process they will pray and ask for wisdom and discernment.  There will be a church wide survey sent out to gather input from the congregation and focus groups to discuss the input with stakeholders.  Finally, they will interview candidates and present the final candidate to the congregation for approval.


What is this church staffing and consulting group?
The search committee has decided to hire the Slingshot group. Slingshot is a staffing and coaching company specifically created for churches.  Their goal is to partner with the local church to find and build the best leaders possible.  Slingshot has a network of over 45 associates bringing years of experience with local church organizational development.


What value does Slingshot provide us?
Our church staff and elders are not HR specialists and don’t have the contacts or connections that outside church staffing groups do.  Slingshot will partner with Lincolnway providing valuable insight and advice as an advocate in the process. .  They will meet with the search committee to build relationships and learn about our personality, culture, values, challenges, and beliefs.  The committee will consult with them throughout the process.   Slingshot will conduct a nationwide search for qualified candidates that match the position profile.  Often the best candidates are not actively looking.  Slingshot will use their partnerships to help locate those types of candidates. Slingshot will pre-screen applicants and provide valuable candidates to the committee to review, each with a digital portfolio (resume, questionnaire, audio/video samples).  Finally, they will provide support for Lincolnway and the new hire for the first 90 days of employment.


How long does this process typically take?
Slingshot states it takes an average of 8-9 months to find a lead pastor with their help. According to the book Search, written by William Vanderbloeman, CEO of Vanderbloeman search group.  “Without outside help, it takes a church an average of 18-24 months to find a pastor on its own.”  “With help...the average time is 9-12 months.” 


What if I or someone I know wants to apply for this job?
Provide the search committee the resume to be forwarded to Slingshot group.  Further information will be provided.


What can I do to help?
Please Pray!  Pray for the elders, church staff, and one another.  Monthly suggestions will be provided during the during this process.

Please Ask!  If you have any questions, ask the elders or staff.  We want to answer as many questions that you have, as we have answers.

Please Volunteer!  With Steve serving as Interim Pastor and overseeing NextGen Ministry, we need some people to help as administrators in each of our NexGen environments.


Will this affect Lincolnway’s Mission?
No. Our mission still remains to “Connect people to Jesus and to one-another for life change”.


Will this affect our values or what we believe here at Lincolnway?
No. Our values and beliefs will remain the same.  You can read them here.


Will this affect Lincolnway’s Vision?
Yes and no.  Our vision is to create disciples who create disciples, to be a church the community comes to in need, and to build authentic relationships and faith.  The changes will likely be in the “how”, not the “what”.  Giving interim and future leadership some degrees of freedom to pivot the vision slightly is important to the health and growth at Lincolnway.


Will the staff be changed once the new Pastor is hired?
No, there’s no plan to change any staff members.  However, some of roles may need to be refocused once the lead pastor is hired.


Will other things change when we find our new Pastor?
Yes, and that's the exciting part!  There is bound to be some change with any new leader.  However, that change is being orchestrated by our almighty God.  He already has an exciting plan for Lincolnway’s future.  We need to trust that he will lead us and we are willing to discover it!


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