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What is Child Dedication? 
Child Dedication is parental recognition of a solemn responsibility and trust - a responsibility to raise your child in the nurture and instruction of the Lord. The Dedication Service provides you, as a parent, an opportunity to make this commitment public before God, your friends, and family. 


What is the Parent/Child Dedication Process? 
The Parent/Child Dedication Preparation process is a required part of the Dedication process for each parent desiring to dedicate his or her child at Lincolnway. During this Parent/Child Dedication Preparation time, you will receive information of the following: 

·     The importance of dedicating your child to God. 

·     The importance of the covenant you are making with God on behalf of your child. 

·     The responsibility of the parent in raising children who love and serve Jesus Christ.

You can complete this Preparation process by listening to the audio files below and completing the associated "homework".


What should I expect at the Dedication Service? 
At Lincolnway, we generally have child dedications as part of the worship services on a designated Sunday. You should be ready to come forward with your child and with any close friend or relative whom you would like to join you. You should ask these people to commit themselves to being positive spiritual influences in your child´s life, and to be encouragers to you as parents as well. Feel free to invite family members and friends to attend this service. 

The Dedication Part of the Service will include: 

·     A video of those getting dedicated

·     Vows of covenant commitment from the parents

·     Vows of covenant commitment from the congregation

·     Prayer

Our desire is that the Dedication service would be a time of sincere commitment for you, your family, friends, and church. 


I am a single parent. May I still dedicate my child


Who should we invite to the Dedication Service? Do I need to select "God parents" for my child? 
The Child Dedication Service is a very special time, so be sure to invite your family, friends, and/or small group members. There is no limit on the number of guests you may invite! We do not use the term "God parents" at Lincolnway Christian Church, however we certainly support your choice of significant individuals to offer support and encouragement and to hold you accountable to the commitment you will be making. 


Do I have to be a member of Lincolnway Christian Church to participate in Parent/child Dedication? 
No, participants need not be church members. We only ask that you be regular attendees with a desire to raise/bring your child up in a godly, Christ centered home. 


Will there be refreshments for our guests? 
There will not be refreshments at the Dedication service. You may want to have a small reception at your home or a nearby restaurant either before or after your Dedication. 


What Do I Do If I Want My Child Dedicated to God at Lincolnway Christian Church? 
Call the church office at (815) 485-3004 or e-mail sbaker@lincolnway.org to register for the Parent/Child Dedication.

Provide the following: 

·     Parent's names

·     Child's First, Middle & Last Name

·     Child's Birth Date

·     Picture of your child (bring one in to the church office or e-mail it to sbaker@lincolnway.org - digital is preferred) 

·     Which service you would like to have your child dedicated in. 

·     Name of sponsor person you would like to participate in the service if so desired (Grandparent, Aunt, Uncle, friend, Small Group Leader, etc.)